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Bolt-Action Rifles


The comeback of a legendary gun

With the new Triple Zero Advantage. The new Model 70™ M.O.A™ Trigger System is the most precise three lever trigger system in the world. Operating on a simple pivoting lever principle, this mechanism has been completely redesigned to exhibit zero take-up, zero creep, and zero overtravel. The pull weight ranges between 1.3 to 2.3 kg. and is factory-set at 1.4 kg. Because of the enhanced ergonomics,  wide smooth trigger shoe and 2:1 mechanical advantage, it actually feels like half that weight. Don’t be satisfied with a mediocre trigger design that has secondary levers, gadgets, and other novelties. Experience the precision and control of the M.O.A.™ Trigger System on the new Model 70™ rifle.

M.O.A.Trigger System. The M.O.A.™ Trigger System of the Model 70™ operates on a simple lever principle. The trigger A, actuator B, and sear C are shown above. All internal components, axis’s and springs, are carefully precisionmade in stainless steel. In addition, in order to increase their resistance to corrosion, and for a maximum reduction of parasitic friction, the sear and actuator have received a nickel Teflon plating. 


Controlled-Round Feed (CRF ) Bolt. This is one of the characteristics that allowed the Model 70™ rifle to be chosen as the ”Bolt-action Rifle of the Century”. The wide-jaw puller slides smoothly and contacts about a quarter of the base of the cartridge, which allows perfect control from the time it leaves the magazine and enters the chamber, then immobilises it until it is completely ejected. This proven concept allows the extraction of an unfired cartridge even if it has not been completely introduced into the chamber. 


Blade-type Ejector. A blade-type ejector allows full control when ejecting a case. Pull the bolt back slowly and the empty case gently pops out, which is perfect for target shooters and vermin control rifles. Pull the bolt back quickly and the case to exits the chamber with greater force. The blade-type ejector helps to eliminate short-stroking malfunctions. 


Three-position Safety. We have again improved the threeposition safety on the new Model 70™. It has proved effective and highly popular with hunters and shooters for decades. Convenient to operate with the thumb of the firing hand, the Model 70™ safety lifts the firing pin away from the sear. When the safety is in the middle position, the bolt can still be operated, allowing unfired cartridges to be ejected with the safety on. It engages smoothly, and it allows easy determination of the safety status of the rifle. 


Hammered Barrel. The barrels for the Model 70™ are produced in the same American plant that produces barrels for the rifles and machine guns used by the American Armed Forces all across the world. Each Model 70™ barrel is cold hammered from a solid billet of steel for excellent accuracy and longevity. Rotary hammers shape the barrel around a mandrel to create the rifling. The barrel is threaded, bevelled, and installed on the receiver. The chamber is then reamed and the bolt is headspaced.  


2:1 Mechanical Advantage The M.O.A.™ Trigger System trigger shoe offers a wide, smooth surface to better distribute finger pressure, hence the touch sensation is lighter and more comfortable. Thanks to the new M.O.A.™ trigger geometry and its 2:1 mechanical advantage, when the trigger is displaced by X, the actuator that pulls the sear back is displaced by 2X. The trigger travel necessary for a shot is thus considerably reduced. Any perception of trigger travel or of overtravel is virtually eliminated. 

Zero Take-up Take-up is the distance travelled by the trigger shoe before the trigger activates the firing system and the shooter feels an increase in the resistance in its movement. The new Model 70™ M.O.A. System eliminates take-up because a takeup elimination spring maintains a permanent contact between the upper trigger boss and the actuator 

Zero Creep Creep is the perceptible travel of the trigger before freeing the firing pin. Creep has a negative influence on accuracy as it adds incoherence and uncertainty during the action on the trigger by causing the trigger to flutter and thus move the rifle during the shot. The 2:1 mechanical advantage created by the unique geometry of the trigger permits the virtual elimination of creep in the new Model 70™ M.O.A.™ System.

Zero Overtravel It may move the weapon from its visual target point and interfere with the shooter. This is why the new Model 70™ M.O.A.™ Trigger System is adjusted at the factory to have no noticeable overtravel. You shoot exactly where you aim.

Model 70 Rifles:

Model 70™ Classic Hunter

In addition to all of the technical innovations found on the new Model 70™, this Classic Hunter version has the feature of being equipped with adjustable battue rib sights. Its battue strip and fibre-optic foresight that is adjustable in all positions allow rapid and precise shots without a scope. Read more at

Model 70™ Featherweight

This classic version of the Model 70™ is characterised by an angled comb walnut buttstock ending with a tapered hand guard. It is enriched by a satin finish with elegant cut cross hatching. A Pachmayr “Decelerator” pad helps absorb recoil. Read more at

Model 70 Extreme weather 

Get extreme accuracy under any conditions. The Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless utilizes a Bell and Carlson™ lay-up composite stock that provides a solid feel and features trim and lightweight ergonomics. It has a textured charcoal gray matte finish for rugged good looks and improved grip in adverse conditions.

The sculpted cheekpiece helps insure proper eye-to-scope alignment from any shooting position. The thick, black Pachmayr® Decelerator® pad helps take the felt recoil bite out of high performance magnum cartridges. Read more at

Semi-automatic Shotguns

The fastest shotgun in the world - for the most accurate marksmen. 

12 cartridges shot in 1.442 seconds

Judge for yourself! The Super X3 is the big innovation in Winchester’s range in 2006. The size of its stock, its grip and its fore-end have been studied to give the SX3 finesse as well as exceptional handling. The SX3 is very light thanks to a tubular magazine made of an ultralight alloy and a barrel whose weight has been reduced by its new profile. The SX3’s barrel is Back-Bored; it therefore enables you to obtain the cartridges’ performance to maximum effect. The new battleship grey "Ultra Tough Coat" finish has the added bonus of lasting longer than traditional bronzing. In fact, it is the most resistant finish ever applied to a rifle. Winchester’s legendary manufacturing quality is of course on the programme.

A new design and innovative features give the new Winchester Super X3 a strong personality. The SX3 is ideal for all types of hunting, in particular thanks to its 12 gauge magnum barrel de calibre chambered in 76 mm that enables you to fire cartridges of different loads as well as those made of steel shot. The exclusive extremely reliable "Active Valve" gas-operated system, which is adjusted automatically, significantly reduces recoil. A new generation anti-recoil butt plate is also used to further improve firing comfort. The design of the grip and the fore-end also contribute to the excellent handling and this gun’s vivacity.

Easy Adjustment of the Butt stock Length Inserts can easily be added or removed between the buttstock and the anti-recoil pad to adapt your gun to your exact measurements. Thanks to these inserts, the buttstock length can be adjusted from 363 mm to 377 mm (Composite version) and from 358 mm to 372 mm (wood version). 

Back Bored Barrel Back Bored Technology barrels allow the best performance of the shell. With the SX3™, you can fire all ammunition types, from light loads to heavy magnums, and even steel pellets. 

“Ultra Tough Cote” Finish “Ultra Tough Cote” finish means an ultra-resistant finish. The unique metallic grey of the new SX3™ is a high-resistant finish that, in addition to having a beautiful appearance, is extremely resistant to corrosion, even in extreme conditions. 

The Active Valve system The SX3™ has been redesigned to make it the most reliable and fastest semi-automatic shotgun with the most reliable recoil. It operates as simply as possible through the use of a gas piston with an internal Active Valve that adjusts automatically so that you can reliably use a wide range of loads. 

Gas piston The gas piston and Active Valve operate independently, which means that less pressure is applied to the piston to achieve greater longevity and enhanced efficiency. The extremely short piston stroke also limits the amount of combustion gas that enters the receiver for cleaner, more reliable operation. With light loads (28 g), most of the gas is used in arming. With heavy loads (56 g), the Active Valve system adjusts automatically and expels the excess gas.


SX3Composite 12M 3.5”

This composite version of the SX3™ presents a futuristic and very hi-tech appearance. This is due to the association of a composite buttstock and hand guard of avantgarde design with the exclusive treatment of the receiver and barrel in anthracite grey. The SX3™ is also chambered 3.5’’ (89 mm) for firing heavy loads, including steel buckshot.

Fine, elegant and ultra-resistant :

The Winchester® Select® is a gifted shotgun

As a measure for their quality, the barrels of the Select® over/under shotguns are manufactured in the Fabrique Nationale.

The Winchester® Select® shotguns have an action frame that offers one of the lowest profiles on the market. A low-profile action frame has several advantages compared to a traditional one with a higher profile: it provides better target acquisition, recoil absorption, weight reduction, and a faster handling of your firearm.  All Winchester® Select® Over/Under shotguns, having been tested with high performance steel shot at 1370 BAR, allow you to hunt in all conditions and to shoot traditional shotshells as well as those with steel pellets without damaging your barrels.

1. Increase in speed and penetration By using Back Bored technology, there is less friction between the shot and the barrel wall. Instead of having to overcome friction, the gas from the powder puts more energy into propelling the shell, thus imparting greater speed to the load. The shots retain their ballistic qualities. The walls of the barrel have less tendency to act as a bottleneck or pressure on the load, the amount of non-deformed shot is considerably greater.

2. Improvement of patterning The ballistic characteristics are better and you get exceptionally uniform impacts with much more of the shot effectively hitting the target.

3. 6% reduction in recoil Less perceptible recoil means more shooting comfort. The shot load passes more easily down a perfectly bored barrel, and because of this the shooter feels less recoil, which makes it easier to use the weapon. Everyone benefits from the comfort level in the use of the firearm.  This light alloy shotgun with an action frame reinforced with steel trunnions and insert, shows the technical characteristics of steel Select® models. Its animal engraving is ultra-realistic. The low action frame of this shotgun along with its low weight give it incredible life and astonishingly quick shouldering.

Select Light 12 M

This light alloy shotgun with an action frame reinforced with steel trunnions and insert, shows the technical characteristics of steel Select® models. Its animal engraving is ultra-realistic. The low action frame of this shotgun along with its low weight give it incredible life and astonishingly quick shouldering.

Select Energy Sporting Signature 12 M

The Select® Energy Sporting Signature, with its easily adjustable comb, has many unique features including a set of 5 Signature Briley chokes and an adjustable trigger to adjust the length of the pull. A choice of 71 cm and 76 cm barrels, with 10 mm rib and a competition TRUGLO® TRUBEAD ® foresight complement this shotgun.


Gunslip 649219 Rifle
Gunslip 649220 Shotgun 30" barrel length